Zombies in Miami (Live), Kim Ann Foxman + More

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    Good Room


Firehouse Presents:
Zombies in Miami (live)
Kim Ann Foxman
Andrew Potter
DJ Lisa Frank (ROAM, TNX)
Jacq Jill (DC)
in the Bad Room

Kim Ann Foxman's Firehouse party returns to Good Room on August 16 with special guests Zombies In Miami. Zombies In Miami is a project created by Canibal & Jenouise. Their music is a techno hybrid with rock influences, making themselves sound deep, dark but also very dancefloor. The live act is full of energy traveling direct from the synths, drumpad, vocals and any kind of effects making the crowd experience something different, original and powerful. They will be joined by Kim Ann and Andrew Potter plus Lisa Frank and Jacq Jill in the Bad Room.


*d&b audiotechnik supplied by Oxygen Eventworks*

**Good Room is a safe space for all people. We do not accept racism, homophobia or discrimination in any form. If you are being harassed, please tell a bartender, staff member or security guard.**







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