Zettabyte 1 Yr Anniversary & Artist Feature

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Hey all,

Yup, its happening - my beloved record label is turning 1 years old.

There will be two rooms: 1 for an art gallery and 1 for music.

Craig Kuna
Bryan Gibbs
Peter Clark
Zita Molnar


Tickets: $5 before 11pm, $10 after 11pm

Its the first ever Zettabyte party, and will keep the San Francisco occurance to an annual thing so hope you can make this one.

Where and what is Codeword? its the new second location of DNA lounge. Its a dope space. Has two rooms and we are planning to use both. Bonus - they sell food, so we will have DNA's awesome pizza throughout the event.

Line up and style? Techno / Minimal.

Why is this party more special then any other parties Zita has been involved with in the past? Because I have never done something 100% solo. My blood, sweat, and many hours of labor is poured into it. So even if you dont like techno - come see why I have been MIA and what have I been working on for the last year. Also, I wont have a birthday party in April - so if you want to wish me a happy birthday in June at this label party, I m down with that.

Whats up with the cover, can I get on the guest list? well... Good music shouldnt cost a lot but I do have to pay the artists and the space which at this point is all coming from my pocket. $5 is not that bad before 11p and $10 afrer.. Want to donate more - heck I will take that too! LOL

Alrighty then - stay stuned!
Tons more info to come - I m so stoked
If you have previously been to some of my previous gatherings - you know that my party philosophy is: go BIG or go home. And there will be no going home ...not until at least 2am =D




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