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Knee deep in his second decade of dance, Yousef remains one of the globes most exciting talents in the realm of modern rave. His career has evolved and stayed true to the shifting sands of the game; he stood out when he arrived on the scene because of his jaw-dropping technical savvy and as the years have progressed he’s added the multi-faceted strings of club promoter, label owner, and deftly talented producer to his bow. Yousef’s beats have nestled on high pedigree imprints such as Cocoon, Intec, Cecille, and Saved, whilst his own Circus Recordings boasts an output ranging from seasoned veterans like DJ Sneak and Sven Vath to rising stars such as Tom Flynn, rapidly becoming a go to label for many of the world’s quality underground music. Beyond the obvious dance floor influences there’s evidence of the humanity that can only come from travelling the globe and immersing yourself in a variety of international cultures. The result is thoroughly cosmopolitan and stimulates in and out of club, a collection of songs and compositions that are designed to inspire imagination. Yousef’s style remains perfectly representative of the dance floor dexterity needed in the modern club. Bringing the seductive groove and swing of classic house just as readily as the energy of techno, Yousef does this by maintaining the vibe of authentic DJ, over 3 decks and without a computer in sight. Whether delivering hedonistic immediacy or crafting extended sets riddled with subtlety, Yousef is both technically and musically peerless in his field, one of the globe’s finest exponents of a four-four beat — the man remains an unstoppable juggernaut of electronic music.






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