You're Welcome with Tâches / Rachel Torro b2b Benjamin K

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Why? Because we have life to celebrate, as well as a couple birthdays, and who doesn’t love glitter? And assless chaps? And sparkly cowboy hats?


The thought of bringing the best underground house, dance, techno, retro in to Monarch’s dungeon disco living room of lust, then filling it with everyone you know and love the most, is what YW’s aiming for, pulling for, and dreaming after. Sometimes you grow to like a musician, sometimes you fall in love with their sound within 3 seconds of hearing it…… TÂCHES is most certainly the latter. With a style that teeters on the sexual, the deep, the sensual….it pulls on your heart strings from start to finish, not to mention it’s infectiously fuckin groovy. There’s few musicians that fit the sound of You’re Welcome better than this man. To say this has been a long time coming, would be a big understatement. Excitement…ENGAGE. This is a night for you, me, him, and her. It’s about saying fuck the 9 to 5. It’s about being you and embracing the one next to you. There’s only one you, SAY YOU’RE WELCOME.


-=-=-=- TÂCHES -=-=-=-

With a UK passport, an upbringing in the Balearic island of Mallorca and currently residing in Barcelona…’s easy to see where his sultry, luscious, compassionate drawn out deep house gets it’s roots from. If you’ve heard just one of his many releases (that he gives away for free fyi, how badass is that? ), you know just what I’m talking about. TÂCHES has been producing his signature sound for numerous years now, and throughout that time has gained quite the illustrious online following…it was just a matter of time before his name took off. The guy’s got style, plain and simple. Now with releases on Kitsune, Desert Hearts, and more, his sound has clearly made a splash on the west coast and the rest of the country to boot. He’s about the perfect sound for You’re Welcome, and the perfect outlaw to headline a cowboy party ;) TÂCHES ladies and gentlemen, dust your boots off…..

With a very, very, very special opening back to back set from birthday boy and girl Benjamin K and Rachel Torro. Yes, they’ll accept presents. Yes, they’ll accept drinks. Yes, a lap dance counts.

-=-=-=- RACHEL TORRO b2b BENJAMIN K -=-=-=-


Now come get lost, found, and lost again, we’ll see ya on the dancefloor ;) ;)

21+ --- 9:30-2:30am --- Discounted entry til 10:30, more after.



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