You're Welcome with MARBS (Desert Hearts) / Benjamin K / Mantranova b2b Chuwee

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<3 **** YOU’RE WELCOME **** <3


The thought of bringing the best underground house, dance, techno, retro in to Monarch’s dungeon disco living room of lust, then filling it with everyone you know and love the most, is what YW’s aiming for, pulling for, and dreaming after. Is it August already? How’d that happen!? We had Atish in to sell the place out, Clarian in last month with a crowd favorite set easily, Jay Tripwire in May releasing mayhem, Dance Spirit left people in the clouds in April – the list goes on. And who better to continue the journey than the Prince of Darkness of the Desert Hearts round table, Marbs? Nobody! That’s who ☺ This is a night for you, me, him, and her. It’s about saying fuck the 9 to 5. It’s about being you and embracing the one next to you. There’s only one you, SAY YOU’RE WELCOME.


-+-+- MARBS -+-+-

There are few names in modern day electronic music that have seen such a monumental rise to fame more than Desert Hearts has. This no doubt goes for California as a whole, but for the world as well – without exaggeration. There’s a slew of them that run the outfit, all with different jobs and responsibilities, and all with impeccable music taste, dj skills, and ear in the production booth. Marbs may be at the top of the helm. He’s the art director, the man with the plan, resident Prince of Darkness, and deepest of the lot. His sets are a journey of emotional highs and lows, wrapping the listener in an audible blanket of deep, dark, relentless, soothing, house music. There’s just no way I could get sick of this mans sound. And on top of that, he’s about as kind and genuine of a person as you can meet. Such a fan of this man – so damn happy to have him in to lay down the soundtrack for the night. Ready!!?? Me too ☺

><><>< BENJAMIN K ><><><

><><>< MANTRANOVA b2b CHUWEE ><><><

Now come get lost, found, and lost again, we’ll see ya on the dancefloor ;) ;)

21+ --- 9:30-2:30am --- Discounted entry til 10:30, more after.



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