YOU'RE WELCOME w/ Samo Sound Boy (Body High)


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Samo Soundboy + Benjamin K + A Fox
Samo Sound Boy is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ whose powerful live sets, and original productions have brought him to the forefront of 2010's global club scene. His introduction as an artist came in 2005 when Samo spent a year living Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he learned to DJ from experimental cumbia producers at the now infamous Fugees 99, a Nigerian-owned dancehall in the city's south end. Compounding those influences with a love of crunk and ghetto house, Samo emerged to create a uniquely rugged but soulful sound of his own. With his second EP released through Palms Out Sounds in September, and forthcoming remixes for the likes of Tim Dolla, Bassanova, and NGUZUNGUZU, Samo is only getting started spreading his club aesthetic that Chicago journalist Dave Quam described as: "Weird, banging, and beautiful. Like a shortwave radio recording of all the best stations at once."



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