You're Welcome w/ Pattern Drama

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The thought of bringing the best underground house, dance, techno, retro in to Monarch’s dungeon disco living room of lust, then filling it with everyone you know and love the most, is what YW’s aiming for, pulling for, and dreaming after. Last month’s we looked to have a family cuddle, bring out couches, pillows, and blankets to cover the dance floor, for people to relax on after just getting back from a week in the dust. Well relax, we did not. The 13 dj line up of some of YW’s favorites in SF led to a wild night of smiles, jumping, grinding, and morning regret. So let’s do it all over again? Yes, I agree. This is a night for you, me, him, and her. It’s about saying fuck the 9 to 5. It’s about being you and embracing the one next to you. There’s only one you, SAY YOU’RE WELCOME.


x\\\ Pattern Drama ///x

This man has been on the radar of You’re Welcome for some time now, and it makes me giddy as a child on field day to finally have him in the house. After a stellar release on the always top notch Touch of Class Recordings in 2013, Pattern Drama, or to his friends known as Corey Baker, turned the heads of just about everyone in the underground. His smooth, deep, sensual productions, mixed with a keen ear for the unknown have helped push this man to the front of the pack, and well deservedly so. He’s no stranger to limelight, after having created the Pattern Drama project alongside Bedouin cocreator Rami Deejay and produced for the UK collective Wildkats. Can he do wrong? Yeah no, it’s looking like he can’t . Prepare for feelz overload, as Pattern Drama is in the house, prepped and ready to push you in to audible paradise.

x\\\ R. Fentz ///x

To some known as Big Bird, others Papa Yak, others one ½ of Bells & Whistles, others just that lovable goofy tall drink of water. Whatever you call him, it’s no secret the amount of musical talent this guy holds within. He’s been pushing the San Francisco nightlife bar up higher and higher, holding down a residency for As You Like It the last few years, a residency with Desert Hearts, sharing the bill at our favorite clubs in the city, and more or less just a face you want to see at every party. This guy’s got talent, and although You’re Welcome has had Bells & Whistles in the building, it hasn’t been lucky enough to have a solo R. Fentz set…..until now.

x\\\ Benjamin K ///x


Now come get lost, found, and lost again, we’ll see ya on the dancefloor ;) ;)

21+ --- 9:30-2:30am --- Discounted entry til 10:30, more after.



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