You're Welcome Turns 1!! with MARBS & PORKCHOP


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The thought of bringing the best underground house, dance, techno, retro in to Monarch’s dungeon disco living room of lust, then filling it with everyone you know and love the most, is what we’re aiming for, pulling for, and dreaming after. This is a night for you, me, him, and her. It’s about saying fuck the 9 to 5. It’s about being you and embracing the one next to you. After last month’s jaw dropping spectacular sold-out night with Atish, Mark Slee, James Fish and Benjamin K….I’m still in a state of ecstasy. It’s been an amazing run thus far to say the least. And I think you and I have done a damn good job of it! Our relationship with Monarch turns 1!! And I really can’t thank you enough for all those late nights, wide smiles, sweaty bodies, and unlimited dance moves. I’m thoroughly in love with each and every one, and can’t wait for another year with you. And to celebrate, we’re teaming up with the always amazing and ever talented Desert Hearts boys to provide the one-and-only San Francisco Desert Hearts Decompression. The festival itself is the weekend before, but we’re looking to keep the party going, at least just one more night



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