You're Welcome: Bells & Whistles + Brunch Life + Benjamin K


♥ **** ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’ ****♥

brings an extra special Post Playa Play Pen


The idea of bringing the best talent new, veteran, international, local, young, and old in to our bedroom, the dancefloor of our favorite dungeon of disco, Monarch, is what we’re here for, and we’re so happy you’re here to come along. This time, most of us will be sunburnt, exhausted, and covered in dust from our favorite week of the year. And to celebrate, it’s a no brainer to bring a few familiar faces in, to help ease our way back in to the ‘normal’ life. And just to add a little sugar on top, an extra shot, and a large dose of Groovy we have someone I can pretty much promise you won’t want to miss. This extra special dusty guest will be en route back from Burning Man, and sweet enough to pay you and me a visit ;) This night’s not about who you are, what you do, where you’re from – it’s about where you are right this moment, who’s next to you, how hard you’re dancing, and how wide you’re smiling….we’re here to play cupid for ya’ll. There’s only one you, say YOU’RE WELCOME.



Wait for it, wait for it….We have a VERY special surprise in store for you, a name that I pretty much know for a fact you’re in ♥ with. It’s a secret because, well, it just is. Oh, and contractually speaking, we’re not allowed to tell you. And because this name’s such a sweetie pie, he/she has agreed to stop in and lay the soundtrack for the night. Mmmm, I guess real life outside the dust won’t be so bad afterall ;)




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