Vibes w/ Butane + Disco Katz Takeover

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Amazing Vibes with amazing music and amazing people.

Friends!!!! We have a spectacular dance party event lined up for you. Mioli Music's Vibe parties have been off the hook and we thank you so much for bringing that energy that keeps us inspired.

We've lined up a very special guest who many of you have come to love whether you've known it or not. If you've been dancing to house and techno in the last decade chances are you've danced to tracks produced by Butane or tracks featured on one of his labels.

This time we've brought in top notch flavor for your VIBE ATMOSPHERE. You know them, you love them, the Disco Katz are entering into the night with their daytime vibes and its really proving to be a proper blend, like yin and yang.

So lets keep making those weekdays shorter and those weeeeekends longer by staying inspired and strong with those dance skills- as the motto goes~

..........Butane (Little Helpers, Alphahouse)

..........Tobin Ellsworth (Pink Mammoth, Disco Katz)

...........e'Lish (Disco Katz)

Did someone say- DANCE PARTY? <3

Butane Bio:
Butane has been flying the underground flag, professionally, unapologetically, since 2001 when he began DJing. There are countless mechanisms ready-built into the electronic music industry which relentlessly pull one toward commercialization, aka selling-out, and he vows to resist them at all costs.

Through the years, he's watched in disappointment as peers (sometimes understandably) succumb to this pressure, and in doing so, ultimately lose the respect of those who matter most - their colleagues and fans. Nevertheless, steadfast, through hard work, dedication, and commitment to artistry, he finds himself a pillar in the scene. This is no accident.

Owner of two exceptional record labels (Alphahouse & Little Helpers), and responsible for a sprawling and impressive discography of original work and remixes, he forges his own path. Against the odds, he believes talent, hard work, dedication to craft, attention to detail, and uncompromising belief in these core principles is the way to conduct a meaningful career in the music business.



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