UNSEEN: Slow Light

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    Gray Area Art + Technology Theatre

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Gray Area’s UNSEEN Series brings together media artists to collaborate on site specific performances between sound and video artists. The UNSEEN series is curated by artist, Matt Fisher.

7:00 Doors

7:00-8:00 Bar and Opening Performance by Intelligent Dance Party
Join us for drinks and a pre-show lobby performance with Intelligent Dance Party. IDP is an Intelligent Dance Music event series based in San Francisco featuring live experimental electronic music and dance floor oriented sets.

8:00-10:00 Collaborative Performances:
Slow Light features three collaborative performances between Bay area media artists that will combine film, video and live sound. Together their approaches blur distinctions between the literal and the abstract, between forms of expression and audience experience.

Lawrence Jordan (film) + John Davis (sound)
Lawrence Jordan and John Davis have collaborated on film soundtracks and live performance work since 2010. Committed to the relationship between moving image and sound with shared sensibility and an embrace of the unexpected, the duo sustains each another's work through the interplay of reverence and mystery.

Paul Clipson (film) + Joshua Churchill (sound)
Joshua Churchill and filmmaker Paul Clipson create hallucinatory collisions of sound, light, and image using guitar, tape loops, wind and percussive instruments, and electronics and film, respectively. Their continually evolving collaboration utilizes and exploits the element of chance as each artist simultaneously presents densely layered and textured abstract collages within their respective mediums without premeditations on their coalescence.

Zachary Epcar (video) + Samuel Hertz (sound)







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