Tutu Tuesday feat GirlsNight & Bengal


OK y'all....we are still burning HAUTE after an EPIK after burn Tutu Tuesday where Carla Tutu sang down HARD on all these witches and we fell in love yet AGAIN <3

On this night we are doing something extra special that I have been brewing for a year at least. First, Bengal will open for the GIRLSSS with a unique conoction of bass driven dance music that is creative and moving to say the least.

Following Didje Kelli, Elizabeth Ann and Chelsea Lynn Wilske will appear as GIRLS NIGHT! This is a cause near and dear to my heart because I believe we ALL WISH there were more girls in dance music but the fact is, it is a tough industry and these ones have enough heart, talent and BALLZah to make it happen. its going to ROCK!!!

Pretty please join us <3 <3 for this special event


your tutu

$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



Who's Going





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