TuTu Tuesday w/ Phonique + Benjamin K

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Well friends, the 7 year anniversary was nothing short of extraordinary. Atish reminded us of how lucky we are to have him living, breathing, and conjuring dance music in our fair city. This month we receive one of the best gifts that the world has to offer when it comes to lyric-driven deep house and his name is PHONIQUE.

Never has an artist brought me straight to my center in a place of ecstatic melody the way this man has. His mixes are delectable and his stage performance is sexy like warm rain. I listen to him almost daily and never tire of his poignant delivery of fresh, evocative, heart pumping productions.

Adding to this stuff of dreams lineup is a cool cast of some of the greatest circus performers on planet E:

Erin Shredder, La Chica Boom, and Micah Walters are going to light up this night and raise the bar so that we all share a thicker stage to stand on. Being the best, they are all fans of each other so I anticipate some spontaneous magic between them that I am tutu delighted to ignite!

Last but not least, one of my very favorites, Benjamin K. McCarthy will be warming up the evening with some lovingly selected jams to warm your heart and sail your spirit.

Here we go now!


$10 or $2 before 11pm in a tutu
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