Tutu Tuesday w/ Lonely Boy and James Fish

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I am beyond excited to announce that Lonely Boy will be heading up the After Burning Man Tutu Tuesday. This is notoriously the biggest tutu party of the year and, since this is the first time I am not going in a decade(!!!), I will be even more over the moon to celebrate with you this year.

It was an overwhelming consensus from attendees of Pink Mammoth's Block Party that Lonely Boy was the act to remember. With this impression, I was sure to catch him open for Frank & Tony at Audio and, lo, the reviews were on point. Not only did he represent in a style I can appreciate--one that beckons joy and emanates a love for the craft without a lick of consideration for public opinion--but he also turned out to be a hell of a down to earth dude to boot!

To those of you attending that amazing thing in the desert...may tutus, blessings and magic be with you. I will be keeping our city home warm for you and I can hardly wait to see your beaming faces. Keep your tutus dusty for me! I want to see playa sparkles glittering the dancefloor;)


$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



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