Tutu Tuesday w/ Goldcap + Buckner

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Still a little dizzy from the success of No Pants Party but excited nonetheless to finally announce the news I have been holding onto for over a month now: Goldcap is flying up from LA for Tutu Tuesday!

Ever since our fateful meeting at Panda Lounge on Sunday sunrise of Burning Man last year, I have had a sweet spot for his talent and humble nature. He is the most easy going guy who embraces all of the spectacle around him and participates in it with grace and humor.

His disarmingly beautiful selections combined with my spontaneously improvised rambling made for quite a perfect storm that attracted not many but a most interesting few. Just how I like it;) His acceptance of the synergy of the moment and willingness to let me play while he emitted his craft gave me a blessed creative space from which I have gained confidence in my projected voice. I am so grateful for this because it has given me the courage to sing more, write more, and perform more-which are all things I love dearly.

Which leads me to our opening act and another generous soul who has patiently permitted me to explore and experiment (publicly no less!) over his finely honed live mixes. From our first rehearsal, Buckner and I have shared a mutual sense of where the magic is and it is a pleasure to work with someone who is so dedicated to the art form.

That said, I will be performing some of our original pieces as well as improvising over a few tracks with Buckner for the first half of the night and then we will leave Goldcap to it! In light of our histories, I am really excited to have these two on the same lineup.

Conjuring the cosmic, I project a majestic display of like minds and open hearts. Oh, there you are! Come right on in...

$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



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