Tutu Tuesday w/ Claudius Raphael

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::The infamous Tutu Tuesday started in Black Rock City and became an establishment at Burning Man's bedrock--San Francisco. They said it could not be done in New York but we did. Soul Clap, No Regular Play and Three gave us extraordinary shows that launched the renaissance era of Tutu Tuesday at 222 Club with Atish. And now, years later, we are bringing the love back to the East Coast with a special event at TBA.

For the return of Tutu Tuesday, we invite you to experience Claudius Raphael: A New York native with a unique ability to mold a set from tech-house bearings into a divine sculpture of love, creativity and wonder. San Francisco audiences have become accustomed to the consistency of the quality of Tutu Tuesday artists over the years and they were still totally blown away by his caliber of performance. The authenticity and warmth of the man perfectly embody the foundation of the event and the reasons that Tutu Tuesday continues to be a fan favorite for almost a decade strong.

If you haven't caught the wave yet, be sure to join us for this special event that will surely attract some nostalgic enthusiasm and bode well for a Tutu Tuesday future in New York. We love you!::

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