Tutu Tuesday w/ Adnan + Bo


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You do like surprises, don't you? You DO trust me, I know you do. So this time we don't get to say who is leading this parade until Sunday of the week before Tutu....you just have to believe.

i'll tell you a story about this man and why I call him my DJ Shaman. He taught me without words that music and its heart contact live in movement, in your eternal spirit. The best gift you can give an artist is your expression. To be able to feel them watching you and choosing through you is a well-defined intention of power and love. This is his gift. Always conscious, ever-present and generous..so generous.

At my second burn, I had forgotten that there was rarely music played after the temple burn. This has changed since but at the time, people packed up and broke down after the burn. Silence was golden. Me, who had relied on my trusty memory which somehow combined the man burn and temple burn into one giant flame, believed that there would be music awaiting my return to Gravity Point. I arrived with a potential energy ready to be lit up only to find that camp was dark. I wandered throughout the land of tents, searching for one to make music for my dance. I was refused by one and led to another. He said yes.

Just the two of us went to the clearing of sound and together we danced, He behind the decks and me under the stars. Here and there he looked up to make sure I was still dancing. Since it was only me, I was sure of course that as long as I kept dancing, he would keep playing and that was the only rule of our game. Inevitably, his lover came to beckon him to rest. It was clear that both of us were very good at this game and neither of us was near stopping. What a magic we made then and it has forever colored my impression of what it means to dance--to radiate and receive energy. It is love

So that's the story. Won't you join me in continuing its journey? I know Bo is down ♥

**Celebrating the twin star birthdays of Terry Tsipouras and Tanuja Patnaik** We LOVE YOUs!

$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



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