TuTu Tuesday Halloween: Francis Harris + R. Fentz


Tutu Tuesday & You're Welcome present

🎃 Tutu Tuesday Halloween at Monarch 🎃

💀 Francis Harris (Scissor and Thread, Kingdoms)
>>>> https://soundcloud.com/cfrancisharris

💀 R. Fentz
>>>> https://soundcloud.com/rfentz

💀 Benjamin K
>>>> https://soundcloud.com/benjamin-k

💀 Torie
>>>> https://soundcloud.com/yotorieee

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us. No, not Christmas, you silly! HALLOWEEN is San Francisco’s pride and joy where merry makers and pranksters crusade the streets for a week (or more) to celebrate our freedom to be as wicked as we wanna be.

Last year, the official night of Hallow’s Eve fell on Tuesday so, naturally, we had to pull out all of the stops and do a special edition Tutu Tuesday. We had SUCH a blast with you that we decided to do a second edition this year on Halloween Eve....Take your halloween costume, add a tutu and voilá! You are all set for this fabulous night of funderwear and fluff.

Master of ceremonies for this evening is Francis Harris of Adultnapper fame. While his classic sound is stormy and dark, his new sound feels a lot more like a lush meadow after the rain. We can hear the cohesion of all of his sensibilities in his latest metamorphosis. This ability to channel his creativity through many layers of mood lends itself so well to a fulfilling dj set. Last time he played in SF was positively mind-blowing so you will not want to miss you chance to dance to this.

Rounding out the night are a fabulous cast of local loves including R.Fentz, Benjamin K and Torie. These cats bring so much heart and soul to their game, its so hard not to love.

Bring your fuzzy, bring your shiny, bring your leather, your tulle and your tail. Come out in your finest and give it all you’ve got! We promise to meet you there



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