Tutu Tuesday feat Anton Tumas + James Fish

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ok guys...this is going to be an exciting one for me and I will tell you why:

I almost always book djs not on reputation or following but simply because I heard them play and fell in love:) In Anton's case, I was perusing the lineup for Favela Bar (at Lightning in a Bottle) because Patricio built its reputation on quality artists so I was looking up soundcloud for artists I had not heard before (smart, right?! :) Anton's mixes were by far the most compelling I heard so I hit him up and naturally he was lovely and easy to work with so YAY!

Then I had the pleasure of meeting him at Sunset Campout this weekend and he was as kind in person as I expected him to be from our previous interactions. This is a man who is not in it for the glory and not about the hype. He genuinely loves what he is doing, what others are doing around him, pays attention, gives credit where it is due, and IN IT FOR THE MUSIC!! just like us:)

I know you are going to love him so show your support by coming out and showing him just what Tutu Tuesday is about:) He has heard about you....your legendary energy and stories are spread through the land and it is all because YOU SHOWED UP AND DANCED! pretty special



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