Tutu Tuesday featuring Andy Warren all night



So psyched to announce that Andy Warren is returning for his THIRD ANNUAL February appearance. The first one fell on Valentine's Day and it was a scene to remember...lots of non-regulars showing up after their dinner dates in semi-formal attire. And Andy made us feel all so in love. It was a a super magical experience. The following year was not on Vday proper but between himself and Joey Alaniz, the love vibe was palpable and it was an obvious choice to keep the magic going in a set tradition.

This ride Andy will hold us up to the light ALL NIGHT because my new years tutu resolution (you know Tutu started as a resolution, right?) is to have all night sets all freaking year!!! We actually started this a month early in December with Claudius Raphael (I am very serious about my resolutions) and Anton absolutely filled up the room with amazing sound in January.

its the month of love and Andy is the worthy maestro of this experience. He is FUN. Silly. Kind. and downright enthusiastic about donning a tutu. THANKS ANDY for being YOU! We love you, man ♥


$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



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