Tutu Tuesday feat. Rachel Torro + James Fish

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Well...two of my favorite people said YES so now here we are with me asking you to say I DO too.

Rachel and James are a perfect pair to set you up for an epic New Year. They are both amazing DJs but not only that, they are passionate about event production--100% down for the cause in everything that they do!

James was recommended to me by Atish when he stepped down from his residency and, as usual, that guy knew what he was talking about. James Fish is making it happen in big, beautiful ways and the proof is in the mix. I am so excited for this year ahead of us where I get to hear him bring it month after month. Yehaw!

Rachel is beauty and brains, burner and babe. Just about the most irresistable human I've ever met so no wonder she is successfully bringing the Morning Gloryville vibes every month as well!

If you don't know these two, their names will surely be on your lips after tonight. I hope your New Year's resolutions are all to dream bigger and DANCE HARDER because that is what you are gonna get: big ol dance dreams. loving up your tutu so hard.

$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



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