Touch of Homies w/ Buckner, Justin Glennon (live PA), Rob Grega


Very stoked to have Buckner and friends back in our favorite DJ dive bar!

Buckner & Justin Glennon
(Performing Live and in the Mix)

Not content with only crafting a vibe by mixing other people's music, Buckner and Justin come together to augment and elevate your standard "disc jockey" experience into a bonified "performance" that will leave you turned up, turned out, and turned on. The interactive and transitory nature of their music comes through the live use of analog, digital and virtual gear in concert with standard DJ tools allowing them to venture deeper into completely original, improvised grooves making each performance wholly unique. They say a "good" DJ knows how to read a crowd, it's Justin and Buckner that write that dancefloor's story.

Rob Grega (Still Rob G)
(Up All Night)
Rob's been around the block more than tenderloin sellers. Curator, Ambassador, Developer. Toker, Smoker, Midnight Joker. Grinner, Lover, Sinner. He plays music in the Sun... derground SF this Thursday!

Touch of is every THURSDAY at UNDERGROUND SF

$3 donation / NOTAFLOF

with residents:
Dao, Pwny, Bob V and One A



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