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Gerry G. and Tony E. came together over a mutual love of hip-hop, nu-disco, and funky fresh beats... Thee two Cats have been trying to make their impact in the music world over the last decade; pursuing different genres and identities, and constantly trying to expand and improve. Late last year, a man by the name of Amine Edge recorded a set opening up with Thee Cool Cats "Hand On The Pump," Which gave the virtually unknown’s more recognition than they could have ever hoped for, causing a train reaction of support from major players in the industry.

Amine gave the duo his full support, and eventually a release on his label, “CUFF Records”. It’s gone nowhere but up off from that point, and this is to be the first of many years that we will be seeing a steady flow of raw and melodic music emerging from the Cats den. With releases on the infamous Nurvous Records, and releases soon on CUFF, Get Twisted , and FACELESS, there sure to be a few bombshells unleashed to the crowds, also working on collabs with great talent such as Tough Love, Upstroke, Softcash, Climbers .... let this be the year of the cat... THEE COOL CAT

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