The Walken Situation

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Black Friday. San Francisco. You are invited to take part in an exhibition of the dark, the whimsical, and the dangerous. Iconic as the Sphinx, Christopher Walken will draw focus and motivate your mind to the sound of shotguns and cowbells. From the King of New York to The Headless Horseman, Walken has carved and danced his way into the dark and beautiful places of our hearts. His weathered and mysterious face will lift you and mystify your imagination.
Im am taking submissions for this show as right after the Murray Affair. Be innovative! Be stunning! Create art that strikes fear and inspiration as much as the man himself!
We will have a site up very soon with all the submission guidelines. Please invite your friends to this event and help us provide a spotlight for artists and art lovers alike. We are carving a giant here and we rely on you to help us make this the art party of legend!



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