The Shuffle Co-Op w/ Patrick Russell & Phil Moffa (Live)

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Homegrown American techno now holds its own more than it arguably ever has. The two headliners for our December edition have been humbly pushing techno forward for decades whether it be in the DJ booth or in the studio. Patrick Russell has been steadily honing his craft at parties like the Labyrinth festival in Japan, Berghain in that German city or at various venues around Brooklyn where he's been a resident for The Bunker. He's come to be known as the DJ whose able to create a storyline within his lengthy sets by covering multiple styles and atmospheres. Not to be missed or forgotten. On the other side is studio wizard Phil Moffa, who runs the super-pro Butcha Sound Studios in Manhattan. Phil is no stranger to the booth as he has been DJ'ing NYC when NYC was NYC. Yes, we may have missed those fabled nights, but we promise Phil brings an energy that just for a second might make you believe you were in a dark corner of Twilo. Not to mention that Phil is also an audio professor and all around great dude. His live set will knock your drink out of your hand. As always, full support by TSC residents Petko Nikolov, Max Gardner and Alex Lin.



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