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The One Series is back. Pure Electronic Music with Heart & Soul.

Simon Shackleton's One Series - One DJ, One Room, All Night - is a growing passion and he's garnered sold out shows all over the world from San Francisco to Sydney to London. He returns to San Francisco for the first time in a year after selling out The Gingerbread House last fall, on the brink of a new album due out in February, for his fifth San Francisco One Series.

"That was an incredible night of transcendent music, loving friends & over all good times........" [SFO012]

Simon's One Series sets are deep and compulsive journeys, seamlessly blending, morphing and building throughout the night to create something far greater than the sum of its parts. His open-hearted sets tell stories on a grand scale, provoking emotion and movement in equal parts, whilst he revels in the journey alongside a devoted and passionate crowd.

"What an amazing night - excellent performance, great crowd, and an all-around awesome vibe! I could barely restrain myself from going full-out fanboy on Simon at the end of the show, lol." [DEN014]

The One Series at Publicworks will most likely Sell Out given previous shows in the City. We would strongly advise ensuring your place down the front by booking an advance ticket ASAP.



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