The House of Red Velvet


The House of Red Velvet is surrealistic and euphoric performance art. You will be taken through a winding dream-like metaphor of erotic and disturbing images. Provoking your senses and confusing your mind. An experimental artistic orgy of the surreal. A collective dream inducing human emotions.
Close your eyes.
Breathe deep.
Allow yourself to be transported through the curtain.
We are a cypher.
We are a portal.
We are Dada and Dali, we are black like the Dahlia.
We will wake you to your fever dream, to a theatre of the surreal, where the bizarre is commonplace and the commonplace bizarre.
Focus on the void.
Give yourself to us. We know whats best.
There is no burlesque.
There is no form or function, only us crying out to the will of a dying Goddess,
In an endless night.
An observer with teeth.
We are a body.
A gyrating force in the dark pulling you into secret spaces,
Populated by the damned.
But only if you get too close.
Come closer.
Pick the flower.
Taste the poison.
Join us in
The House of Red Velvet.
Produced and Created by Olivia Bellafontaine. (
Doors: 8:45PM | Show at 9:00PM
-Only 15 people will be allowed for this special rare engagement. You will be a member of 'The House' for this night. You will be able to keep your seats for the main event, have skip the line entry if needed, receive a special gift from 'The House', and be one of the few to experience something different. Buy at your own risk. You may be touched during the performance. You must be ok with this.
Doors at 10:00PM | Show at 10:30PM
** GA Seating is first come first serve, or standing room only. Once the show starts, the doors will close, and will not open for late arrivals. This is to protect the mood and ambiance of the performance. There is absolutely no cell phone use, photos or video allowed during this show. **




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