The Garden Party with Sunshine Jones (live)

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On Saturday, February 24th You're Welcome invites you back in to our lavish, vibrant lair of lust and lush, filled with warm colors and dreamy garden landscapes. A fantastical floral fantasy land, where dreams and reality become one. We cordially invite you to take the journey in to…

~*~*The Garden Party.*~*~

Featuring sounds by:

🌸 ●‒ ----- Sunshine Jones -----‒● 🌸
100% Live Analog Set
(The Urgency of Change)

🌸 ●‒ ----- Tobin Ellsworth -----‒● 🌸
(Pink Mammoth)

🌸 ●‒ ----- Benjamin K -----‒● 🌸


Sunshine Jones is often called a "house legend" from San Francisco. A founding member of Dubtribe Sound System. He also makes electronic music by himself. He travels the world performing a live/DJ set - live mixing, singing, re editing on the fly, and championing the idea that literally anything you can syncopate is house music. He re edits for leisure, experiments with electronics for adventure, is often in an airplane, and is very kind to children.

Sunshine Jones believes in love. That said, he understands that sometimes love is difficult to imagine.

Sunshine Jones believes in you.


Doors at 9:30
Tix at
101 6th St. SF, CA, US



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