The Deep End: Drtybtch, Gianna, and JustJovani


Sinewave Syndicate Presents: The Deep End w/ DRTYBTCH, GIanna, and JustJovani

Sinewave Syndicate is back with #thedeepend at Lounge 3411. This month we have DRTYBTCH Gianna Burns joining our Sinewave Resident JustJovani. Come get your fix of #house, #techno, and #acid

Doors open at 9:00pm
No cover all night

P.S. it's JustJovani's birthday that day ;)

Line up


DRTYBTCH is a music experience empowering sexual fluidity, body type, and expression. Created by Ms. Jackson, a San Francisco DJ and music producer as her alter being. She released a 3-track remix EP in 2015 and a streaming radio show featuring up-and-coming DJs and producers. Featured guests include Miss Mak, Ion the Prize and Ney. Uniting dirty house and club music, DRTYBTCH makes you feel and be dirty.

JustJovani (Sinewave Syndicate)

Jovani Melendez is a native San Francisco DJ & producer popularly known as JustJovani. Despite being a fresh face to the underground scene, JustJovani has proven his worth both behind the decks and in the studio. His blended soundscape draws inspiration from multiple genres such as acid, techno, and house, crafting them into a sonic experience that resonates with all listeners. He is not afraid to dive deep into dark and light textures, while still keeping a strong, consistent groove. His mixes evoke feelings ranging from dancing in the sun, to getting lost in the abyss, pulsating sounds. These can be best heard in his Just Music mix series and recorded set from Organic Festival 2017.

His inspirations include artists like Metodi Hristov, Carl Cox, Eli Brown, Anna, Gallya, and Charlotte De Witte. Labels such as Set About, Toolroom, Desert Hearts, Sola, and DirtyBird Records also inspire him. He has the stage presence to complement and backup his unique mixing style. On stage, JustJovani captivates his audience with his composure, expertise of the decks, and reading the needs of the crowd.

Some of his notable performances include 18 HR with Justin Martin and Walker & Royce, an event he not only performed at but organized, 2017 Organic Festival, Icing on the cake w/ Ardalan, and 2018 Deep Summit. JustJovani has and runs two residencies through his co-owned label, Sinewave Syndicate: The Deep End at 3411 Lounge in Oakland, and The Pop Off at Score Bar & Lounge in San Francisco. He has performed at many clubs throughout the Bay Area including The Great Northern, Gray, Area, The Brix, F8, Temple and Milk Bar. As a founding member of Sinewave Syndicate, his experience as a label manager has led him to bring on the talents of members such as Archie XX, Dexter, and Jellyybearr. From festivals, to clubs and bars, JustJovani is a rising force in the underground electronic music scene showing no signs of stopping.
Simply put, he’s JustJovani.

Gianna (Gianna Burns)
23 year old EDM DJ and aspiring producer in the SF/ Bay Area. I like an array of music genres and styles that I use throughout my music. I am one of the founding members of the music organization, Sacred Geometry Collective. My belief is that sound is the means that binds all matter together. Music is more than just noise, merely the frequencies which allow people of all walks of life to join together in harmony.

#sinewavesyndicate #norequestssince2015 #shutupanddance






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