TechnoClam 01

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▶︎ Techno Clam Facts

Habitat: Techno clams prefer dark, loud environments, preferably with Funktion-One sound. They are typically nocturnal but are known to come out on a beautiful day if the lineup is good. Native to San Francisco, they can sometimes be found clamming around Detroit or any other techno dungeon on the planet.

Diet: Techno Clams survive primarily on sugars combined with yerba mate extract, which deliver enough fuel for about half a day of vigorous activity.

Behavior: Once a techno clam has found a thick, heavy beat to its liking, it anchors itself to the front left speaker on the dancefloor and can remain there for hours or even the rest of the night. Despite their general solitary nature, the techno clam forms strong bonds, connecting and supporting other clams in the scene.

Threats to survival: The Techno clam has no natural predators other than the occasional dancefloor creeper and sexism in the music industry. Rather than back down, when foes appear the clam is armed with facts, prepared for battle.

▶︎ Lineup

Lily Ackerman [Diacritic Collective, Mioli Music, Celect SF]

DpeshMo [Disco Chateau, Booty Patrol SF]


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