Symbiosis Gathering : Family Tree

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We've decided to GATHER AGAIN in 2016! We were so inspired this year and our family is growing and we want to continue to GROW TOGETHER! The Gathering last year was a very potent experience for the production team. We tried some new things, learned a few lessons, and by the end the event we had so many new ideas we were ready to build an even more fine tuned container for a novel and spectacular experience.

Our first decade was spent building community in magical forests, the edge of mountains, surfaces that looked the moon, the Australian outbacks, to an beautiful peninsula that was saturated with artist expression.

In beginning our next ten years, we're building the experience around the roots and the paths that have led us here and acknowledging all the influences that made us who we are.

We welcome long timers and first timers as we develop our Family Tree!



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