Surreal flight (Do not sit on the furniture)

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We are super excited to bring Behrouz protege, resident of famous Do Not Sit On The Furniture and storyteller - Surreal Flight.

Surreal Flight was born on the basis of friendship and chemistry. With an exquisite taste and concept of music, this up and coming artist has managed to convey that which his name expresses - An inevitable flight into a surreal world that exists only through the passion and love for music. Mastering the 'art of the opener', Surreal Flight has gone under the wing of legendary DJ/Producer BEHROUZ ever since the inception of Do Not Sit On The Furniture almost four years ago. Opening for many of the world's top DJ's such as Tale Of Us, Matthew Dekay and Steve Bug, Surreal Flight is a name to be remembered as the young protege continue to evolve and grow.

A guy from Europe who recently came to the United States and got inspired with deep tribal dance music, incorporating folkloric sounds and ancient rhythms, bringing them into a future electronic realm of deep house and chill out. Currently based in San Francisco Alec has been playing music for the past 3 years.

Since having discovered house music around 2015, I’ve been enamored by its hypnotic beats and rhythms. This obsession inspired me to want to share some of that magic, and so I began exploring the world of DJing. Drawing inspiration from Burning Man and such artists as Bedouin, Gab Rhome, Goldcap, Super Flu, Kora — among many others — you’ll usually find me leaning toward the tribal, dreamy, ethnic, and melodic.



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