Sunset Sound System Spring Jubilee Celebration + After-Party


Sunset Sound System turns 25 this year and to celebrate this momentous occasion we welcome all our generations of Sunsetters to come together once again as we have every year since 1994 to get down, connect, and frolic outside in the Spring air. It's been an incredible journey thus far and we couldn't be happier the vibe is still alive and kicking with all you beautiful souls. Join us this Sunday and throughout the year as we make new memories and relive some older ones!
Sunday - April 28th, 2019
Stafford Lake Park, Novato - California
11am - 7pm, all welcome


Altar by: Living Fae
Florals by: Intrinsic
Sound by: Opus
Gate Fee & Donation:
(Entry is per vehicle unless drop-off or walk-up)
$5 - per motorcycle/drop-off/bicycle/walk-up

$30 - per car/truck
Advanced ticketing/parking passes coming soon!

No Charge - Large Vans and Buses (9 passenger minimum) - MUST Register at:
Important Rules of the Park - SPREAD THE WORD!!!

-NO DOGS/PETS Allowed! (No Exceptions)
-Do Not Pee in the Bushes. (Seriously, it's a resevoir out there)
-No underage drinking.
-Keep lit BBQ's off grass.
-No Smoking allowed! (No more smoking section, please be prepared)
-No unauthorized vending
-No Swiming in Lake Resevoir.

Marin as well as San Francisco (although rarely enforced) have a no smoking ordinance for public parks. Though it was not technically allowed the rangers have let us create a smoking section the last few years to help mitigate enforcing this challenging law in an event such as ours. However, the Marin Supervisors are now making us comply with the ordinance. We need everyone's support to help us make this a reality or we may not be able to come to Stafford Lake in the future. Please come prepared with nicotine gum, edibles, or anything else you might need to keep yourself comfortable yet smoke free throughout the day. Feel free to message us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

We urge you to COME EARLY & CARPOOL!
Carpool to share the gate fee. Carpool to save gas. Carpool to help fellow Sunsetter with rides! Once the main Stafford Lake parking lot is full we cannot park any more vehicles.
Drivers and Riders, set up Carpools here:

Parking Lot Status:
We will be updating the current status of the parking lot capacity at the top of this event page on the event day. Please check it before you head out to the Lake. It's very possible we will reach capacity at some point. If it show’s more then 90% full before you leave your origination then we recommend arranging a drop-off or you could be turned away.

Zero Waste:
We are making great efforts to reduce waste going to the landfill at our events. Marin has a goal to be zero waste by 2025. Let's help them out! Please use the compost and recycling bins in the park. Please refrain from using any disposable plastic items in your picnic.

Be Patient and Kind:
Respect your fellow Sunsetter… We will be doing our best getting everyone into the park efficiently.

We have worked very hard to preserve the culture of this event.
Please designate a SOBER driver. DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!
After The San Francisco
WERD. Presents: SUNSET After-Party!


Monarch. 101 6th St., San Francisco
8pm - 2am | 21+
dancing - lounging - mingling
How did we get here...
On March 20th, 1994 The first Sunset party happened in celebration of the Spring Equinox in Berkeley Marina, California. Overlooking the Golden Gate and the San Francisco skyline we danced into the evening. It's this transformative time when the sun sets and we move from light to dark that has fueled over 2 decades of friends and family coming together to bring close to the weekend and positivity to the week ahead. Drawing from the the spirit of sound system culture from Jamaica and UK, Sunset has produced over 150 free outdoor dance parties from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Whether it be a renegade beach party or a permitted event in the park the communal vibe has remained unchanged.



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