Sunset Season Closer Picnic

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As the Summer draws to a close we come back together outdoors just as we do in the Spring. But this time full with experiences from the year at hand. Come re-connect with your Sunset Family in our home away from home at Stafford Lake. As always, please be in the know for the important regulations of the park listed below.
Sunset Sound System
Fall Music Picnic + After-Party
Sunday - October 2nd, 2016
Stafford Lake Park, Novato - California
11am - 7pm, all welcome

Sunset Sound System (Solar, Galen, J-Bird)
Honey Soundsystem (Jason Kendig, Jackie House, Josh Cheon)

Altar by: Living Fae
Florals by: Intrinsic
Sound by: Opus
Food Truck by: Savourie Streets
Gate Fee & Donation:
$5 - per motorcycle/bike/drop-off (Cash Only! - Exact Change Please)

$25 - per car/truck (Cash Only! - Exact Change Please) or purchase Limited, Pre-Sale Passes here:

No Charge - Large Vans and Buses
(9 passenger minimum) - MUST Register here:
Important Rules of the Park - SPREAD THE WORD!!!
-NO DOGS/PETS Allowed! (No Exceptions)
-Do Not Pee in the Bushes. (Seriously, it's a reservoir out there)
-No underage drinking.
-Keep lit BBQ's off grass.
-No Public Smoking allowed! (You must use designated section)
-No unauthorized vending.

We urge you to COME EARLY & CARPOOL!
Carpool to share the gate fee. Carpool to save gas. Carpool to help fellow Sunsetter with rides! Once the main Stafford Lake parking lot is full we cannot park any more vehicles. Drivers and Riders, set up Carpools here:

Parking Lot Status:
We will be updating the current status of the parking lot capacity at the top of this event page on the event day. Please check it before you head out to the Lake. Unlike the Spring event we probably WON'T reach capacity. But If it does show more then 90% full before you leave your origination then we recommend arranging a drop-off or you could be turned away.

Zero Waste:
We are making great efforts to reduce waste going to the landfill at our events. Marin has a goal to be zero waste by 2025. Let's help them out! Please use the compost and recycling bins in the park. Please refrain from using any disposable plastic items in your picnic.

Be Patient and Kind:
Respect your fellow Sunseter… We will be doing our best getting everyone into the park efficiently.

We have worked very hard to preserve the culture of this event.
Please designate a SOBER driver. DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!



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