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We are once again thrilled to announce the Sunset Campout for 2017 will return to our home in Belden Town - California. Join us for the best weekend of the year with friends new and old amongst the trees, moons, and stars. We hope to see ya there!

Keep in mind that many amenities exist at the event. We are in a quaint location so pack minimally and respect your neighbors and the property. Tons more info will be added weekly at the Sunset Campout website:
Belden Town, California | July 21, 22, 23
Music - Art - Camping - Swimming

Tickets: (On Sale - Monday, May 1st @ 12pm)
Tier I: $170 (General Admission)
Tier II: $195 (General Admission)
Early Arrival Pass - $75 (Thursday Arrival, 12pm-12am)
Onsite Parking - $160 (Extremely Limited)
Kids 12 and under are Free
If there was any confusion spread the word that Kids Town is back with a wide array of activities every day. We also have a designated family camp zone. If you were on the fence because of your little ones just bring them along for fun all around.

We are adding to it almost weekly so check back on new artists and activities but now you can get all the details on the location and everytying you will need and wont need. Check it out!!!

info coming soon...

**General Parking is included*. – We are using the same system as the last few years that worked very well. Everyone will be able to drive on-site to Belden for check-in and drop off. Only 1 driver will move vehicle to off-site parking for shuttle back to Belden. – General parking is located 9 miles away in Twain, with a free courtesy shuttle to back to the Sunset Campout entrance. (*To encourage carpooling there will be a single occupancy parking charge of $25 for vehicles with only 1 person)

Due to dry forest conditions during Summer you must have a campfire permit for your propane stove! No open flames allowed. No BBQs. The US Forestry service will be inspecting. It's free & very easy! Fill out form, print, have it at your camp site at all times. Link is here:

Get a ride...Share a ride. Help your fellow Sunseter get to The Campout! - link coming soon!
~*~2017 Sunset Campout Theme: A Surrealist Forest Fantasy~*~

One of the main landmarks or symbols of Sunset Campout in Belden Town is its bridge. A bridge that serves as a connection to carry us between worlds; the world we leave behind to a fantastical world that we create for our weekend to gather and frolic in the woods together. This year when we cross over the bridge to leave our daily lives behind, we will embark upon an artistic journey of surrealism. Surrealism’s aim is to produce imagery that resolves the contradictory perceptions of dream and reality.

Our theme for 2017, A Surrealist Forest Fantasy, is inspired by artist Salvador Dali and his iconic party, A Night in a Surrealist Forest, where people were entertained by a collection of bizarre adventures in subconscious exploration. For our weekend in the majestic woods, be encouraged to allow your imagination to flow where it will, embracing your subconscious in all its weirdness, finding joy in random, strange juxtapositions and aesthetic combinations. In your artistic expression and creations, let your reality be warped and melded with lucidity of a colorful dream state.

**The theme is not meant to be literal guide. It's intension is purely to trigger an abstract mental imagery or a feeling one can draw upon for inspiration that will connect us all for our amazing annual reunion in the woods.**



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