Sub Society w/ Christian Martin + Lux Groove


For our final show of 2016 we decided it was time to bring two of our favorite DIRTYBIRD Tech House/Broken Beat/Garage inspired producers in game to the Sub Society stage! CHRISTIAN MARTIN & LUX GROOVE!

To round out this evening with even more style we are also proud to welcome back 'Dutchess' as our featured designer!

Christian Martin (extended dj set)

Lux Groove ('Gee Up' EP Release Party for Dirtybird Select)


Triangle Man

2016 has been quite a ride and we really want to thank everyone who has helped make Sub Society what it is. In a scene dominated by large clubs and a constant barrage of top notch events we saw a real lack of genuine community and underground vibe in the scene and have strived to create that experience. We also strived to break the mold musically and bring in a combination of Garage, House, and Bass music to the stage. Its been one hell of a year and we can't thank our community enough for showing there support and contributing their art, music, and extra fresh dance moves.

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Support the underground, keep your game classy and stay true!



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