Sub Society w/ Boats, Treyzilla, Dj Balance

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Februarys edition of Sub Society is back at the place where it all started, Harlot!

We welcome to the stage some of our favorite eclectic djs and producers:

Saturate Records - Hegemony - Hot Record Society

We Got This - Street Ritual - Sub Society

Beat Church - Sub Society - Scratch DJ Academy

Taking it back to our roots of diverse genre events expect a unique array of tunes for februarys showcase: Bass Music, Trap, DNB, Garage and House rhythms may be spotted on the dancefloor.

Its been one hell of a winter so its important we keep our community close. Those valentines feels will still be fresh in the air this month so lets show each other mad love and respect as we come together on the dancefloor and celebrate this community.

We are especially honored to announce that both Treyzilla and Dj Balance have been added as official members of the Sub Society roster! So expect much more from these two extremely talented selectors as we move forward into 2017!

>>> Work Together, Rise Up, Innovate, Make Art, and dont forget to Dance! <<<


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