Studio 4/4: DJ Dan & Donald Glaude (The Final 2X4 Tour)


Q Nightclub presents Studio 4/4 featuring



The stories about Dan and Donald border on mythology. Virtually all of us from the NW electronic music culture can tell stories about transcendent nights where these men individually or collectively got through to us like few artists can. They continually, dependably play the kind of sets that reaffirm why we go out, why we dance, why we use music to find connection.

This is their final tour together. Dan and Donald have spent their entire adult lives as DJs and producers, finely tuning their art as individuals and sometimes, as a duo. We welcome you to join us as the two most legendary DJs to ever come out of the NW put their headphones on and cue up their favorite tracks in the special format one last time. Two DJs on four turntables at Studio 4/4.

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We're excited to see one of our favorites step back into the DJ booth after a long hiatus and on the perfect occasion!

First Studio 4/4 appearance!

From House to Progressive to Tech to Deep to Disco, this night is all about 4/4 dance music as interpreted and presented by members of Lost Boys, Decibel, Flammable, Inner Flight and Trashed. Every Thursday night at Q.






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