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Berlin, the musical melting pot already has already brought a few artists to light. Now it is Stefan Biniak's turn. A resdient of the city by the Spree he is a rather modest and quiet contemporary who for a few years now has preferred it to let the music do the talking. With success! Wihtin a short time he has put his name in Europe's club- & festival calendar and is touring from Antwerp to Bucarest, from Saloniki to Moscow and in 2014 plays at the SonneMondSterne festival. He was without a doubt the whizkid of 2013 and is only in his mid thirties. Not bad! His sound doesn't know any borders, is open-hearted and international just like the person behind the music who can hardly be removed from the DJ decks once he has tasted blood. Stefan Biniak is using many styles of the new house music, fuses deep & tekk house, pairs it with languorous vocals and melodic areas and this way transports an awful lot of emotion in the direction of the dance floor. He represents his sound 100 per cent, pays and produces with passion and dedication and that you can tell. His "Read all about it" edit has had over 10 million hits worldwide on youtube and got him the highest respect on the Belle Level of the electric musicians. By now even Tiesto is a big Stefan Biniak fan which lead to a gig together with the world's best DJ at his event in Amsterdam. Respect!



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