Steampunk Masquerade Block Party

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Steampunk Masquerade is BACK and BIGGER THAN EVER! For our seventh year we’re closing down ALL OF ERIE ST in front of Public Works for a good ‘ol fashioned block party, Steampunk style! All the big Burning Man art, sultry stage shows, immersive experiences, and booty-shaking beats you’ve come to expect from Steampunk Masquerade with more room to play and more time to party!

Save the date and jump on the early bird tickets NOW! Here’s just a taste of what we have in the works for our first ever SUMMER BLOCK PARTY:

• ALL AGES is BACK!! Returning to the all-inclusive Steampunk Masquerade vibe of years past, 1pm - 5pm outside will be a chance for us all to play together!

• MORE SPACE! MORE BIG ART!! We’ll have room to bring in a big featured Burning Man art piece or maybe two... What will it be??

• AIRPUSHER STEAMPUNK AIRSHIP + DANLEY SOUND SYSTEM - We have permission to BUMP all day long, outside under the sun! Dance with us like we were on the open-playa, in, on, and all around our beloved Balloon Car Shippy McShip Face!

• TWELVE+ HOURS of PARTY! - With three sound stages plus three silent disco lineups we’ll have 50+ DJs, performers, bands, and ambient entertainment to keep things turnt up allllll day and allllll night long.

• YOU are the STARS of OUR SHOW - As always we can’t WAIT to see what crazy and wild Steampunk Masquerade outfits you come up with this year!! We have the reputation for the best-dressed party-hard crowd in the Bay, thank you co-creating our experience!






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