Soundpieces w/ Releece (Dimond Saints) + More

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Soundpieces presents an evening of some of California's top notch sonic magicians...

►Releece (Dimond Saints) -
►Aabo -
►DJ Balance -
►Sikkie -

$7 Presales available!


1/2 of Dimond Saints, 1 whole silky soundscape magician. California bred, melody maker Releece is no stranger to the conscious movement. When not following the moon-cycles and touring with the ascending Oakland based duo, he is deep in the studio constantly exploring sonic realms, a quest to create hypnotic soundscapes Releece refers to as "silky lullabies". He has a magical minstrel musician to call mom who has greatly influenced his musical evolution. Both of his parents have long been devoted to the healing arts which has provided insight and inspiration into the healing powers of music. Dedicating the last decade to production, Releece pulls from elements of Asian, Reggae and Hip Hop vibes. Releece's sound is sure to make your head nod and soul glide, transporting you to worlds far and wide. Music is Releece. Releece is music.

Aabo is the moniker of Aaron Bortz, an Oakland, CA based producer and DJ. Aabo’s forward-pushing sound defies genres and takes into account his vast slew of influences. At a young age, Aaron’s life was driven and intensified by the presence of music. his head was filled with Jazz ever since he was a baby. Banging around on a piano, by ear, then later studying guitar and bass, it was known that music was always his lifeblood. From the moment of touching his first instrument, Hip-hop, Jazz, funk, R&B and other musics of the African Diaspora, became his influential go-to. Years of performing around the US in various groups influenced by the music of Fela Kuti & James Brown, brought Aabo to his next mission; to refine his skills as a producer and DJ. 2016 will mark an important breakout year for the young electronic-musician. The anticipated forthcoming album, entitled, FEEL, will bring his painstaking work to greater audiences, alongside long-time vocal collaborator, Lafa Taylor. In addition to FEEL, Aabo has an EP slated for release with fellow producer, Tiger Fresh, as well as an additional solo EP and other collaborations.

Balance can be described as a master vibe setter. One could even call her a beat-barista, pressing hand crafted shots of rhythm and bass that bring listeners into movement. Her career began many years ago when a strong passion for hip hop and electronic music combined with a dangerous curiosity toward the art of mixing and ass shaking fused together. Her journey officially began in 2006 in Los Angeles, through Jam Master Jay's Scratch DJ Academy, where she learned how to utilize her turntables as an instrument. Today, at just five-foot-four and weighing in at the size of a sly tilted grin, Ms. Balance shakes dance floors when she steps on stage heavily strapped with an arsenal of future bass, hip hop, garage, house and a tremendous love for the People.

Balance is also one half of DJ/Production duo Diamond Crates (VNDMG vs. Balance), with 2 releases: Moanbeams, and Sid and Nancy (released on the Bicycle Day comp. for Euphonic Conceptions also ft. artists Random Rab, Kaminanda, Shpongle). She also has several mixes ranging from hip hop to house available to download and get down!

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♥ ♥ SOUNDPIECES is a San Francisco based posse that has had it's hands in organizing top notch events, creating art for musicians and events, and weaving webs since 2006. Soundpieces is famed for showcasing diverse high-end bass music and rare international acts, many for their very first time in the Bay Area such as Hudson Mohawke, Mount Kimbie, Rustie, Shlohmo, Skream, Caspa, and Joker to name a few. We are not genre specific, we are quality specific. Currently we host the only San Francisco "weekly" using presumably the best sound system in the city (rated top ten best in the nation) for over 3 years at Monarch! Join us to discover the newest of musical formulas, with the most ideal, sophisticated atmosphere San Francisco nightlife has to offer!! ♦ ♦ ♦
twitter/instagram: @soundpieces

█████ {{ MONARCH }} █████
101 Sixth Street @ Mission St, San Francisco
10PM-2AM . $7 presales . 21+

SF Rated Best Sound System · Swanky & Vibey · Amazing Drinks & Specials · Free Photo Booth!!

►The Void Acoustics Soundsystem
We are honored to be able to showcase Soundpieces on Monarch's custom horn-loaded Void Acoustics Sound System, the only one of its kind on the West Coast!!! When you descend to the club's dance floor you are immersed in a world of complete euphony generated by the venue's four protruding tuba-like enclosures. Without a dead spot in the room, it's easily the best place in the city to hear the biggest sound.



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