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Join us for an epic night of celebration as SOUNDPIECES TURNS 9 YEARS OLD!!!!

►BOGL - S∏S . LA
►ROBIN WEBER - SHELTER // Fat Bol Clothing . SF

From our humble beginnings as starving artists throwing a monthly at a dive bar in San Francisco, to having an international platform, throwing epic warehouse parties, and top notch weekly events. We've been crafting and weaving webs deep within our community in ways many will never understand, allowing us to fulfill a unique fate we couldn't bare to ever turn our backs on. Always getting up, and never stepping down. Big thanks to everyone who has supported our channel in this crazy radical universe. We offer up a purely original night of sounds with the amazing OG Drum & Bass Rude Boy - Spikey Tee along with a few special key players in our community. Come show your support for this once-in-a-lifetime event!!

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►SPIKEY TEE is one of London city's original 'rude boys'. He has been recording and spinning tunes for over 20 years. Having been a pioneer of the UK Hip Hop scene as one of the founding members of The Sindecut. He has watched Drum and Bass grow from its humble beginnings on London pirate radio, to the world wide phenomenon that it is today. Spikey Tee is now resident in Australia, but tours the world DJing and MCing.

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►BOGL - (Soundpieces Founder) Bogl has been exposing dance floors to the latest, greatest, and quite certainly the rarest on an international platform for years, never taking a break and always on the move. His mystery sinks deeper than the hood of his sweater, dropping eclectic selections that always feature new exclusive tracks passed to him from top shelf producers. He’s become known for appearing out of what might seem to be thin air, playing music that will take you to an unfathomable dimension only to vanish to some far off place. It makes you wonder, is it even possible Bogl exists?

►JAMAL - With global affiliations including Commercial Suicide (Klute), Formation (DJ SS), Code Recordings (Bachelors of Science) and Project 51 (Gridlok), JAMAL is a name synonymous with drum & bass in San Francisco and beyond. Over a decade in the game has made him a cornerstone of the stateside drum & bass movement. From DJing around the world and producing memorable music, to throwing parties and establishing infamous crews like Compression SF and Stamina Sundays, Jamal continues to leave an indelible mark on the genre.

►ROBIN WEBER - Robin Weber has been collecting and spinning drum & bass since 1998. Since then, he has been performing at clubs, parties and festivals all over California and various other states alongside some of the best talent in the industry. Heavily influenced by DJ's like Andy C, Dieselboy, Bailey and Loxy, Robin Weber is known for playing diverse sets with a deep and dark style that captures that East Bay warehouse sound.
Co-founder of San Francisco's successful IN2IT Drum and Bass Monthly he is currently representing Shelter SF and Fatbol Clothing out of Humboldt County. With two international releases under his belt, Robin Weber is also an up and coming producer who's best work has yet to be heard by the general public. Watch this space.



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♥ ♥ SOUNDPIECES is a San Francisco based posse that has had it's hands in organizing top notch events, creating art for musicians and events, and weaving webs since 2006. Soundpieces is famed for showcasing diverse high-end bass music and rare international acts. We are not genre specific, we are quality specific. Currently we host the only San Francisco "weekly" using presumably the best sound system in the city (rated top ten best in the nation) for over 3 years at Monarch! Join us to discover the newest of musical formulas, with the most ideal, sophisticated atmosphere San Francisco nightlife has to offer!! ♦ ♦ ♦
twitter/instagram: @soundpieces

█████ {{ MONARCH }} █████
101 Sixth Street @ Mission St, San Francisco
10PM-2AM . free before 1030 - $10 after . 21+

SF Rated Best Sound System · Swanky & Vibey · Amazing Drinks · Free Photo Booth!!

►The Void Acoustics Soundsystem
We are honored to be able to showcase Soundpieces on Monarch's custom horn-loaded Void Acoustics Sound System, the only one of its kind on the West Coast!!! When you descend to the club's dance floor you are immersed in a world of complete euphony generated by the venue's four protruding tuba-like enclosures. Without a dead spot in the room, it's easily the best place in the city to hear the biggest sound.



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