Sound Department 015: Sascha Dive and Timelapse

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Sound Department 015: Sascha Dive and Timelapse

Our line-up for you:

Sascha Dive [Cocoon] - Frankfurt

Timelapse [Liebe Detail/ Last Night On Earth] - Naples

Martin Aquino [Highgrade/ Akbal]- San Francisco

William Wardlaw [As You Like It]- San Francisco

Past Sound Department Shows:
001: Matthias Meyer & Jason Kendig
002: Rodriguez Jr & Clint Stewart
003: Vincenzo
004: Dirt Crew
005: Alex Niggemann & Simon Garcia
006: Matthew Dekay & Silicone Soul
007: Patlac
008: Fabio Giannelli & Halo Varga
009: Stimming
010: Chymera
011: Baikal
012: Lee Burton
013: Simon Garcia & Nicolas Duvoisin
014: Smallpeople



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