Soulful Saturdays First Anniversary Party


Hola SF and Bay area family. Don't know where to here we go. We are so happy and extremely excited for what is in store for our 1st year anniversary Soulful Saturdays party happening May 13th @ our lovely Mars bar. The list of who is coming thru for this sweet time is a HUGE smile to say the least!

In alphabetical order:
Al G.
Billy Jaz
Braulio Motus (NYC)
Chelsea Lynn
Cole Odin Berggren
Joel Conway
Kimmy Le Funk
Myles Egner
Rob Grega

PLUS!.. That grill WILL be in effect! Ummmm .... 😉
By our good freind
Aaron Little
BBQ till it runs out!!!

It's just a part of the beginning of more good time to have. Musically, spiritually, (FOOD haha). Lets just enjoy everything AND mostly ourselves !

Love from -
Alan Garland
Bily jaz
and therest of the resident gang



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