Smoked Out Soul ft. Boogiemeister

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Smoked Out Soul - Funk & Soul Remix Celebration - 2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ Monarch SF!

Join us WED 9/28 with Boogiemeister direct from Symbiosis via Maui, Hawaii.

Plus Zebuel celebrates the premier of his new single "The Lights" ft. CharlestheFirst and Will Magid, available everywhere September 23!

DJ Fox is spinning wax upstairs w/ DJ sets by ZEBUEL, Will Magid and special guests in the basement. As always DJ's are supported by The Smoked Out Players: Paul Oliphant on drums, Enrique Padilla on percussion, Zebuel on guitar, Will Magid on trumpet w/ guest vocalists and hornz.


"The word is getting out about San Francisco's best kept secret!"
"The place to be every other Wednesday!"
"Funk & Soul Remix Celebration - Djs vs Live Players"
"Old School Taste - New School Bass"

“An immersive experience with live horn players, drummers and guitarists collaborating with sound sculpting producers on a Void surround-sound system.”

“If you're into highly skilled musicians, danceable grooves, a bit of the unexpected... all coming through on an amazing sound system, then this is the place to be” - Donovan “Gordo Cabeza” - Motown On Mondays founder

❂ Smoked Out Soul (S.O.S) is a one of kind party held at a premier night club in San Francisco every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

Catch DJ Fox rocking viynl upstairs while while the DJ x Live love battle goes down in the basement :)

DJ / instrumentalists Zebuel and Will Magid are joined by drummers Paul Oliphant and Enrique Padilla to bring you a sound that is both classic and futuristic: “Old School Taste, New School Bass”. S.O.S. blurs the line between a live show and a DJ night, bringing in the bay’s finest musicians and DJ’s playing on one of the top rated sound systems in the country. Come enjoy delicious cocktails with beautiful people as classic soul music is reinterpreted in the moment.

Smoked Out Soul aims at bringing together DJ's ato put a fresh spin on classic tunes. Rooted in soul with a nod to the future. Founded in 2013 by Zebuel Early, Smoked Out Soul started out as a mixtape and quickly morphed into a full fledged funk party, a festival act and now record label. Smoked Out Soul is a collective of Djs Producers and musicians who love soul music and who love elevating the vibe thru music. Catch the party at Monarch SF every 2nd & 4th Wednesday or at a club or festival near you!

*BOOGIEMEISTER :: funk, global beats, house, breaks, electro swing &; then some!

Adrian Blackhurst, a.k.a DJ Boogiemeister, produces music, DJs and organizes music events on Maui. He has been producing music since the year 2000, with over 40+ songs on his discography, 2 full length albums & 3 EPs. He has DJ’d at hundreds of gigs on four continents over the past few years & continues to spread his music far & wide, with a dedicated fan base, & rocking crowds wherever he roams! Back in 2004 he co-founded Beats Without Borders monthly (global fusion dance parties in Vancouver, BC that just had 10th anniversary!) & band Delhi 2 Dublin (who have gone on to be quite a successful popular band). In November 2014 he launched “Remix The Earth”, an ongoing music, travel video project spanning the globe. He uses the almighty laptop and plays bass, guitar, synths, melodica, & various percussion. His
debut full length album & EthnosonicSUBfunk Theories is available on iTunes & in rotation on Pandora. His latest EPs & releases have been cultivating a new sound immersed in House,
specifically Afro-House, Latin-House & Tropical House. He uses the almighty laptop and plays bass, guitar, synths, melodica, & various percussion that he often plays during his DJ sets as well. He has a background in music production from his studies at Evergreen State College & countless hours twiddling knobs in his home studio. Boogiemeister has performed at Symbiosis, Burning Man, Mystic Garden Gathering, Source Gatherings, Hallowbaloo Fest, Art-Mixx festival on Maui & Cabo, Mexico to Vancouver BC, Poland to Thailand.



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