SHDW & Obscure Shape / Shlømo / Damon Bradley


SHDW & Obscure Shape / Shlømo / Damon Bradley

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■ SHDW & OBSCURE SHAPE ■ In 2014, SHDW and Obscure Shape founded the infamous party From Another Mind which brought their favorite electronic artists to their hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. Shortly after, the duo debuted the first From Another Mind record. A hypnotic blend of atmospheric tracks, the “Nachtblende EP” amassed critical acclaim amongst the international techno community. As DJs, SHDW and Obscure Shape are influenced by old school acid, rave, and EBM sounds.

■ SHLØMO ■ Paris bred, Shaun Baron-Carvais, aka Shlømo is a leading figure in the French techno scene. Fusing electronica, obscure movie soundtracks,and deep techno, Shlømo’s mixes are dark and eclectic. Shaun’s label Taapion Records, co-founded in 2013 alongside AWB and PVNV, has also quickly become a key imprint of note within the world of techno and beyond. These performances take him to key clubs and festivals from Berlin’s Berghain to Tbilisi’s Bassiani and Russia’s Gamma, not forgetting the local Parisien hotspot Concrete where he is a resident.

■ DAMON BRADLEY ■ Born and bred in South Philly, techno legend Damon Bradley has been an electronic music enthusiastic for over two decades. He dove deep into the world of house music in 1989, listening to the legendary 105.3 FM WDAS R&B and classic soul radio station. In his later years he came to techno and trance music. He started DJ’ing techno in 2015 in Washington DC and has since played at venues across Washington DC, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia including Phonic parties in DC, EXILE Brooklyn, and Tilt. In 2017, Bradley headlined Copenhagen’s new rave series, Endurance alongside Hyperaktivist, Lunde and Ronde.






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