Seth Troxler + DJ Three

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OUTPUT Focus : The the cure for attention deficit dancing

Output gets back to clubbing basics with the launch of FOCUS, a new event series built on an old premise - that one real DJ is all you need. For each edition of FOCUS, one master DJ is chosen to helm Output from open-to-close while another celebrated selector holds court in The Panther Room for the duration. For DJs of a certain pedigree, there is no more coveted occasion. To turn a proper DJ loose for an all-nighter is to free them from the bonds of time and the hierarchy of expectations baked into festival style line-ups. With the entirety of the night before them, a seasoned DJ is free to craft an expansive narrative drawing on the full range of their catalog and artistry; newfound depths are explored, risks are taken and patience is rewarded with moments of sublime revelation. All the listener need do is place their FOCUS where it belongs - on the music - and let the journey unfold.

Seth Troxler (Open to Close)

The Panther Room:
DJ Three (Open to Close)

Doors at 10PM
Enter at Wythe Ave






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