Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue (Live)

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IN·SIGHT & Public Works Present:
Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue (Live)

more TBA.
Main room at Public Works

2015 marks a new chapter that will see Sebastian Mullaert step out from the shadow of Minilogue and focus and develop his solo project, after playing, producing, and performing with close friend Marcus Henriksson for more than 16 years. The last 12 months have already seen Sebastian releasing solo material on some of the finest imprints including MINUS, Ovum Records, Traum and Mule Musiq, whilst also touring the globe delivering DJ and live sets to a die hard fan base.

Sebastian has also managed to find time to develop and tour a new live show which demonstrates spontaneity and an ever- changing energy. His signature hypnotic deep techno sound brings both darkness and beauty to a dance floor. No two sets are ever the same as he jams live on stage and also uses the electric violin to create those perfect dance floor moments. Whilst it’s not wise to make expectations about what Mullaert will do next, expect solo music via Traum Schallplatten, MINUS and Joris Voorn’s label Green, the exciting WaWuWe project to develop and a wide range of collaborations.



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