Scootpocolipse Moving Silent Disco Party


The world is coming to an end, the sidewalks are cracking, the buildings swaying, the laughter deafening, the costumes blazing, the scooters's....


The world's first moving San Francisco parade of scooters, skateboards, bikes, and all things with wheels (except shitty cars). We're gathering at Monarch at 12pm noon on Sunday, June 3rd where we'll be commandeering a butt load of electric scooters rallying the war cries, and setting sail through the neighborhoods of SF with a silent disco broadcasted from the back of a pedi-cab dj booth. We'll then end with an outdoor dance party at Great Northern sometime around 6pm.

Body rockers to keep you DANCING > Benjamin K, Silky Thunder, Marky Ray, and Rob G

$20 suggested donation, with all proceeds to going towards The Coalition on Homelessness

* We'll be meeting at Monarch at noon for registration and headphone checkout, leaving around 12:30
* Complementary scooter check at both locations
* Bring a rented scooter, your bike, skateboard, roller blades, or any wheels!
* Wear a helmet!
*Promotions donated by culture vulture
*Silent Disco Headphones provided by Hush
*It's Chris Hallett's B-day!!



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