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Audio and SELECT Entertainment Present SBCR a.k.a THE BLOODY BEETROOTS!

We've been after this booking for a long time, and we finally booked the elusive, mysterious and captivating SIR BOB CORNELIUS RIFO, a.k.a THE BLOODY BEETROOTS, at Audio for a one of a kind show on Wednesday, October 28th! Be prepared to party...

Beyond chaos!

The Bloody Beetroots is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the Italian producer born the same year as punk rock, a factemphatically made clear by the “1977” tattooed across his chest.

In fact, that tattoo is about the most identifying public feature of Rifo, whose penchant for wearing masks (see other cultural phenomena from Underground Resistance to “V is for Vendetta”) seems to be a declaration of ominous anonymity that defers the spotlight to his long list of productions, projects, films, art, manifestoes and musical incarnations emanating from his Bloody Beetroots production epicenter: Bloody Beetroots DJ set where the decks-manning Rifo is joined by FX man Tommy Tea; Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew 77, his “electro-punk” band with drummer Battle and Tea capable of turning a gig for thousands of fans into a political rally/empowerment seminar, and in his forthcoming embodiment, Church of Noise, which is nothing short of a “cultural-musical movement,” as Rifo calls it, with Dennis Lyxzen of Swedish hardcore punk-pioneers Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy. “My whole life has been determined and shaped by the people I’ve looked up and the people that have supported me,” says Rifo. “Bloody Beetroots and Church of Noise is something I owe to people to potentially be as important to them as things that influenced me to make the choices and live as freely as I have.” Mindless techno bollocks this ain’t. Enjoy. But more importantly, be inspired. To dance, sure. And hopefully, to live freer."

Opening set by JUSTIN MILLA

For table reservations, e-mail us at
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